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Metal Studs/Tracks Frame

For commercial projects, a main reason we use metal studs is because metal is fireproof. While metal studs do not provide a purely nonflammable environment, they do reduce the amount of flammable material. 
  • Don’t Warp or Rot
Metal studs are straight and will remain straight and sturdy. They don’t warp or experience wear and tear over time. Nor are they affected by moisture or humidity.
  • Light Weight
Compared to wood, steel studs are lighter in weight, so easier to carry and store because they are hollow on the inside.
  • Fire & Insect Proof
As previously mentioned, metal studs are impervious to fire as well termites and ants.
  • Cost Effective
The price of metal studs can be similar to wood. However, the price of wood is prone to fluctuation, where as the price of metal is fairly stable.
  • Little Waste
Steels studs are available in customs sizes, so there is about 2% waste versus around 20% with wood. Also, the metal scrap material is recyclable.
  • Ease of Installation
Generally speaking, metal studs are easier to work with and handle; especially since they weigh less than wood. Metal studs are attached with screws, so they can be taken apart, changed or moved if need be. Metal studs also come with holes for electrical wiring; making the electrical aspect of a project easier.
  • No Dust
Cutting metal studs doesn’t create a dusty mess.

Features & Benefits:
– Offer significant reduction in site labor usage
– A substitute for wood frame structure, termite free and will not ignite (will not contribute to a fire);
will not rust if handled correctly
– Keep their shape, roofs and wall stay put; extremely strong yet lightweight
– Offer superior strength and enhance design flexibility

Application / Uses:
– For private residences, offices, restaurants, mall, hotel and condominiums
– Widely used for ceiling framing structure and dry wall partition structure.  

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